Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fernando Alonso's thoughts about 2012

Fernando Alonso presented his wishes to a handful of Spanish journalists in Madrid and has addressed several subjects. 
*He spoke first of the 2012 season and the new Ferrari :
"I saw the car when I went to Maranello for four days. I have seen that the version which is in a wind tunnel, we have to wait. But at this stage of the season, we believe that we have the best possible car for next year. But we must wait until February, when it will take the track to discover the result and make us a clear idea of its potential .
What is clear, is that everyone in the team is really very motivated for the next year. There is a desire to regain the lost ground and to live what Red Bull lived the past two years. Enjoy victories and earned Championships is what what Ferrari was accustomed in the last decade, and it is something we want to do again. The first engineer to the last designer, I found a total concentration and an immense desire to have a dominant car. I am therefore relatively calm and confident for 2012, because Ferrari to the ability to design a car capable of winning. This is the best formula 1 team. "
*He also said a word about Red Bull :
"I think that we will return. Red Bull has a very good car, a car which is very well developed. It is possible to improve this single-seater, and they will improve it, but they have not as large margin that we have . We had a different philosophy to adapt to the Pirelli tires, a different philosophy regarding the suspension and many other things. We have therefore a beautiful margin improvement. I think that they will improve x % and we are going to improve two times more than them. We will therefore be much closer in 2012."
*Fernando is very happy with Kimi Raikkonen's comeback :
"I wish him a good return. This is an excellent pilot. He is one of the most talented drivers in the grid, a world champion and a wonderful person .
This will be a pleasure to deal with him again in track . 
I do not want to compare him to a particular driver, but is not the same thing to start and to arrive at the first turn with Kimi Räikkönen by your side over a young or a beginner. Fight with champions gives you a different feeling and more security. "

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