Tuesday, January 10, 2012

La gazzetta de Ferrari

* Ferrari will present its new car for the first time , simply called "project 663", on February 3rd at Maranello with same afternoon a shakedown with Fernando Alonso at the controls. Then Ferrari will be at the first winter tests of 2012 at Jerez with on February 7th and 10th Felipe Massa driving the car while Fernando Alonso will drive on February 8th and 9th . 
* Ferrari revealed they have hired several engineers from Mclaren through . 
Here are the names of these engineers:
-Giacomo Tortora (Italian, expert in simulation) 
- Ioannis Veloudis (Greek, known for its innovations in CFD) 
- the English Rupad Darekar (which works in the aerodynamic Department for ten years in Woking), Lawrence Hodge and Jonathan Heal, two specialists of aeronautics. 
However, a start is to deplore in the Scuderia:
-Marco Fainello, one of the leaders of the Ferrari Simulator, who will join Aldo Costa at Mercedes Gp. 

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