Friday, January 13, 2012

Wroom 2012 : Fernando Alonso interview

Yesterday was the day of the press conference for the Ferrari drivers. 

* here's immediately what Fernando Alonso said about this season: 
"We are all optimistic. Everybody gives his best, but even in Malaysia or in China, after two/three races, we will not only know the actual level of the single-seater. I know that we have many winter tests but we will not know the performance of the car until the first races."
* Fernando also expressed his opinion about the significant restructuring experienced by Ferrari: 
"when Pat(Fry) came, there were a few changes, restructuring, reorganization of the team. he was able to work more efficiently and still more then two months. If we must see results, they will come immediately. Last year we had concerns with the wind tunnel, correlation problems. This time, if we have solved our problems in a wind tunnel, the results will be there, with good work we can win races. All the people who come are welcome and they lead us some new ideas, a different approach. When Pat arrived, he tried to change a number of things, he was surprised somewhat in the way of working here. If you combine all that there is better in your personal experience, you can maximize your potential and that of the team, this is what happens with Pat. Thanks to this, the team improved in all areas."
* finally Fernando held to provide his full support to his great friend Robert Kubica:
"for me the best driver is Robert Kubica and I wish him the best. I spoke to him yesterday and I am sure that he will return, he will be the best pilot of the grid ."
And in bonus here's the first pic of Alonso in his 2012 suit .

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