Friday, January 13, 2012

Wroom 2012 : Felipe Massa interview

And now here's what Felipe Massa said to the press about 2012 and the urgency for him to have best results :
"Of course, it will be an extremely important year as well for me for all Ferrari.  It's a season during which we want to do more and in my case, it will be very important because I want to do much better than last year and in 2010. I want to be competitive. I want a season that won't give me as much bad luck during the last season, when often I scored less than what I deserve. I have a lot of motivation and desire. I'm positive, I know what I want. Of course I am under pressure, it is true, and a Ferrari driver is always under pressure."
Felipe is also convinced he can be at the same level than Alonso :
"I am confident that I can beat Fernando Alonso.  there was no significant degradation of tires, the difference was on my driving style. So with a car as the one we had there few years, a competitive car, this difference no longer exists. I'm sure I can fight against Fernando (Alonso) and not only to do the same chrono , but to do a best time for and even be faster than him. "
To finish Felipe talked about his future in Ferrari's team :
"I only think of the championship .  then of course you must have a competitive car from the start. If you have five or six races without the desired results, it becomes very difficult to recover points. In my case, the first half of the season will surely be more important for my future as second. But this is not something new. I want to win races and be more competitive than I've ever been. If you are happy in the team and the team is pleased with you, I do not see why you would want to change. "
And in bonus the first pic of Felipe in his 2012 suit .

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