Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ferrari F138 launch : Fernando Alonso & Felipe Massa statements

Fernando Alonso :
"I'll follow the first session of private tests in Jerez with great interest and I will have all the information coming from Jerez, I'll watch it closely. In the coming weeks, I will focus on the preparation for the Championship, I've been busy with the team in December and January, until last week, we have participated in many activities. I think that it is necessary to take a step back to prepare and be 100% for the season. We are fortunate in this team, there's a lot of trust between us, and we do it without problem. We have a great team, there is not only one person."
 "I think it will be very difficult to review what we have seen last year, with 7 different winners in 7 races, it was exceptional ! in my opinion there are two or three teams who will win all the races, we must be one of those three."

Felipe Massa :
"I'm looking forward to drive the car during the Jerez tests, because even though it was many years I'm at Ferrari it's still an immense joy to be present for the presentation of the car that will start the season. I have good hopes for this season, with hopefully many victoriese and why not win world titles, these are our objectives and I really hope that this will be the case. I am determined, focused and I am preparing intensely for the private Jerez test. I'm optimistic about this season and I really hope that it will be good."
 "As Chairman Montezemolo said, I managed to combat my problems at the end of the 2012 season, and I hope that I will have the same level in 2013 because we need to score the maximum of points, from the first race in Australia to the last in Brazil."

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