Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jerez day 4 : Pedro De La Rosa quotes + Ferrari program

*Pedro De La Rosa : "All in all it's been a positive day for me, I finally got a feel for the car and that will be very important when it comes to comparing the data with the simulator as we develop the car," 
"We are not yet where we want to be on our simulation and there will be a lot of work to do, but that's why I've been taken on and in my own small way I hope to do my best to contribute to the progress of the Scuderia. I had a lot of mixed feelings today: I was very excited to drive the car but when I got out after the first two laps I was not exactly happy. All my life I've been waiting for an opportunity like this and to see it end after just a few corners was definitely not nice, especially because I wasn't sure that we would be able to continue with the programme. But then the team did an amazing job and it was vital to get back on track given how few days are available to us."

*Ferrari programme :

-to ensure the cohesion of the data between the Simulator and the car but also optimize the car. 
-Important: Due to the gearbox failure causing a fire, the day's schedule was disrupted and had to check the reliability of the car. 

*data :

-number of laps: 51 
-number of KM: 225,573 Km
-fastest lap: 1.20.316 
-fastest lap time: 3:31 pm

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