Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jerez day 2 : Felipe Massa quotes + Ferrari program

*Felipe Massa : "Today, we were 100% focused on aerodynamics and exhaust testings.
 in the morning, I could not do long runs because we were interested in the different possible areodynamiques solutions, we then made a few laps at a constant speed in order to evaluate them."
"The changes that have been made to the car took longer than expected, but in the afternoon I managed to make three long runs that we will analyze the results carefully in order to not to err in the future directions of development."

*Ferrari program of the day  :

- aerodynamic measurement
- testing different solutions of exhausts. Important: The team has not sought the performance. 

*Felipe Massa datas of the day : 
-number of laps: 78 
-number of KM: 344,994 Km 
-fastest lap: 1.19.914 fastest lap time: 12:09

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