Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bahrain GP : Alonso and Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "today, we have not been helped by the chance and it is a shame after a positive weekend for Felipe and me. We were competitive in free practice and in qualifying and we expected to have a good race.
After the early laps, when I thought to be at the end of my rear tires, the wall informed me that the DRS was stuck: the first stop was not sufficient and the persistence of the problem forced me to make a new stop. Therefore, the prohibition to use the DRS has affected my race. I tried to recover it but it was really hard to find places where exceed and when you are at the back of the race, the tires degradation is even more difficult to manage.
I'm sure that without any problems Felipe and me would have finished at the front because the car was very well, this is the best of the last four years, but we know that to have a good race, it is a combination of several factors, including the chance. I hope that we can count with very soon, already in Barcelona, my home race. 
It is even more important to make a good qualification because it is not easy to overtake and start at the front will be crucial."

Felipe Massa: "it was a miserable race and although anything can happen in this sport, I do not find the reasons so many negative events. Initially I had a contact with Sutil which made me lose ground, then I lost some time to return to the pits to change tyres, it has compromised my chances to make a good race.
At the beginning, I just suffered from understeer but I do not think that it was the cause of my problems, to check what happened to my tires. We must understand exactly what has happened and focus on the next races."

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