Monday, April 15, 2013

China GP : Alonso and Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "two cars in the top 5 is a result that fills our race of hope as the F138 has been competitive all weekend and so that means that we have a step forward thanks to the work of the team.
Some developments have worked well, as expected, but others need more work. To return to the race, we have established our strategy in the context of the race but we know that the night will be long for us as for everyone, given that half of our rivals will begin in soft tyres.
I must say that I am not worried about the choice of McLaren and Red Bull for medium tires because generally they were stronger than our degradation but I know that the race will be interesting and the greatest threat may come from Raikkonen because Lotus has already shown that their tire management was excellent."

Felipe Massa: "it was a good qualifying, with a car that works well and is fast. Frankly, after my performance during free practice 2 and 3, I was expecting from the first three but it is likely that our competitors were running with more fuel and it is also true that the strategy has more than two or three positions on the grid.
Today, the qualification presented several different choices: we prefer to use the tender as early as Q1 as spend in Q2 would have been difficult with the hard. This enabled us to save them for tomorrow in a race that should be tightened where three pit stops may be necessary.
Today, our main competitors were better than us but the race is long and anything can happen. Tire management and strategic choices will be certainly key factors."

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