Sunday, June 30, 2013

Silverstone GP : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: "this weekend for us is complicated because we have not managed to solve the problems of balance and performance."Today, it is the worse Saturday of the season, we were never found us in this position, but now need to react immediately and try to come back in the same shape as the beginning of the year.
In Q3, we had some hesitations on the choice of tires: we went out with the hard because they were successful both during free practice and in Q1, then we thought back to the pit if it wasn't. However, our opponents were faster. Now we have to try to be better tomorrow, even if during a climb we know how things can change. We hope we restore and return home with as many points as possible"

*Felipe Massa: "today was a very difficult day because we didn't have the car we were expecting and we did not have the expected results with new tyres.
Compared to other cars we had difficulty making a good lap and no doubt that the time lost yesterday due to my incident and change of engine this morning, made me valuable laps for qualifying, so I was not fast enough to go into Q3.
Now let's think about tomorrow, the race is another story and I hope that with refuelling and warmer temperatures, then things are going to evolve in our favour knowing that our car will be more competitive, I'm sure, and we will need to make good overtakings ."

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