Saturday, June 4, 2011

The paddock podium of Monaco

The 4 in:
* Sebastian Vettel:
the series continues to Seb who has perfectly mastered his subject in Monaco, a GP that he had never won before! While Vettel has enjoyed much luck at the GP, but it is also part of a victory in F1, do not forget. * Fernando Alonso :
Fernando said that the Monaco circuit contains the F150 and he did not lie! Nando has done a perfect race with a very good start and a good strategy from his team . Moreover, the end of the race was fantastic, even trying to overtake Vettel . Fernando can had a little disappointment after the GP, that of not knowing what might happen if the race had not been neutralized. Would he have won?
* Jenson Button:
The British driver is definitely the surprise of this GP because it's rather his teammate who was expected . Nevertheless he did a very good weekend to begin with the qualifier session where he earned 2nd place and then taking a good run even pace with Vettel! small downside, however: the strategy which saw him loose a seat when he could better conserve his tires.
* Kamui Kobayashi:
by scoring big points the Japanese driver showed he was the future of Sauber and saved the weekend of the team after the release of Sergio Perez. Damage, however, that he had been overtaken by Webber after the red flag .
* Mark Webber :
the Australian driver definitely has trouble with his starts ! relegated to 4th place in the first turn, he also had to suffer a catastrophic first stop which saw him depart far away! but with his good run and the benefit of the many retires Mark drop back to 5th place in the neutralization of the race. He is the only one to benefit the second start of the race because of overtaking Kobayashi to finish at 4th place. Congratulations to him!

the 3 out:
* Lewis Hamilton:
the least we can say is that this was not the day nor the weekend of Lewis ! but was it a reason to slip as he did after the race (note: Lewis had criticized the stewards just after the GP and the tone of the joke he had understood that the FIA might be racist ; more he said that Massa and Maldonado, the two drivers who had caused such penalties , were stupid)? No certainly not! Lewis should have accepted the fact that he made a bad race, and yet he is doing well since with the red flag he keeps his 6th place, and might not have had to try to overcome these drivers at all costs More he has ruined their race ! Lewis go back from Monaco with a bad attitude that must be corrected at the next GP! Note that Lewis apologized to the Fia as well as with Massa and Maldonado but will it be enough ?
* Mercedes GP :
the weeks go by and look the same for the German team that fails to improve his car. Yet Michael Schumacher starting fifth could feed big hopes but it was not the case since he had to retire ! about Nico Rosberg, who suffered a big crash in EL3 fortunately without consequences for the pilot, he was still able to participate in the qualifiers but could not find a good rhythm during the race. Mercedes seems already looking to 2012, can be a blessing in disguise?
* Regulation under the red flag:
Maybe the FIA should reconsider a point of regulation under the red flag is the possibility to change tires because this regulation has completely destroyed the suspense that the 3 leading men had succeeded in creating ! shame!

the unclassifiable:
* Felipe Massa and Pastor Maldonado:
the two pilots could have scored big points if they had not crossed paths with Lewis Hamilton. A damage for them since their start was flawless.
- A big thought for Sergio Perez and Vitaly Petrov who suffered a big overrun (in qualifying for Perez and during the race for Petrov) but who are fortunately well ! we were very afraid for them, but we will be very happy to find them in shape in Montreal.

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