Thursday, February 23, 2012

Barcelona day 2 : Fernando Alonso quotes

"It is true that we still get information of the car, information that we already would have in our pocket.
But this car is very complex and we must continue to better understand its behaviour.
We try different components on the exhaust and elsewhere on the car. Here at the circuit and to (the mill of) Maranello, everyone works hard to analyze the data and improve performance, which takes time. Then it must be put in place and be the better prepared as possible for Melbourne (first race, March 18), where we will really know where we fit. 
Our goals are ambitious, they should be because we are Ferrari: we want to be able to win in the first race.
We were not the fastest today, but not the slowest .
It is also difficult to know the level of the others . Red Bull is obviously very strong, but it could be said that McLaren and Mercedes are also strong, perhaps even more than Red Bull. This winter has been more laborious for us because our car is more complex and includes several innovations which require a greater effort on the part of all the pilots that the lead for engineers who develop and for the mechanics to make twenty hour days. It is good to have a car immediately fast, reliable, however this is not always synonymous with victory .
But I prefer having a fast and a solid car than a slow one .
We are not where we want to be currently, or in the Australia, but I remain optimistic. Still us have six days of tests then we will see.
McLaren and Ferrari had to be more creative to catch up with Red Bull and I think that it is that each team has done. McLaren and Ferrari have chosen different solutions, maybe also different philosophies. We will see the results in Melbourne first, but more importantly, in November (at the end of the Championship)."

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