Friday, February 10, 2012

Pat Fry first impressions about the F2012

"I'm not happy where we are currently. I think we have ample room to improve ourselves in relation to the position we currently occupy. Reliability is good. In terms of performance, I think that it is correct, we can improve the car, but I would not be happy until everything work properly. Our goal is not to run vacuum and slam a time. With only 12 days of testing before the first race, we must make best use of the track time we have. We were somewhat delayed by snow in Fiorano and certainly the first morning of Felipe here has been devoted to what we would have done there We are now trying to catch up. For now, he is trying to find the right package. Obviously, having only three winter test sessions instead of four somewhat complicates the things. I think we have much work to do. The base is correct. We look at the different settings and all the things we need to test. It's really about finding the right compromise everywhere. I think everything is much more condensed. So a lot of pressure on the shoulders of everyone. We must try to make decisions quickly. A week off ahead of us, but then there will be two intensive weeks and then it will be Melbourne. All world has a significant amount of work to do. This is the same for each team in the pit lane. "

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