Monday, February 6, 2012

Here is the Ferrari F2012 !

Ferrari unveiled its new single-seater , named F2012, on Friday February 3 in Maranello. initially Ferrari had planned a ceremony with 300 guests but the team had to cancel the festivities because of the heavy snowfalls which are slaughtered on Italy last week.
It is therefore on internet that the F2012 has been revealed!

And here are a few statements of the Ferrari leaders .
*Pat Fry :
"We took a few more risks on the car, but overall we have done a good job . But we must begin to grow at the level of development to dispose developments from the first race of the season and throughout the year."
*Nikolas Tombazis :
"There were rumors that this car was ugly and I must admit I do not speak objectively, because I do not share this view. For I got used to the bump on the nose . I think the rest of the car is the result of painstaking work . Anyway, I think the winning car will always be pretty and the one that loses will always be ugly. So for now, I like to think we have a beautiful car. We will revise this statement after the first races of the season. "
 Tombazis also indicated that this Ferrari will have several new developments before the first race of the season, March 18, in Australia.
*Stefano Domenicali :
"I am sure that our car can win from the beginning. We have learned the past, and made several difficult decisions . But I am sure that our efforts will be awarded through this car . 
From a technical perspective, we'll have some innovations in mechanical but also at the level of the design same of the car. We wanted to have continuity and we hope to perform well. We only have 12 days to work on the car and reach a good level of reliability, but also for testing new tires that are supplied by Pirelli. "
*Luca di Montezemolo :
"We want to win, and we want to have good conditions such as those we have had in the past. We have all the ingredients for a perfect recipe. Stefano [Domenicali, the senior team] is working so hard to make the car ready at the time, as well as to improve the internal organization of the stable . 
These changes are important and give us the opportunity to have a very competitive team. All areas have been improved, and I am sure that we will be rewarded. Our supporters want ourselves to find again the path of success."

*Fernando Alonso :
"It is really different from what we have seen the past two years. It is my third season in Ferrari and I begin it with the same determination . Of course, we need to be more competitive throughout the season, but we want to see red cars on the podium. We will begin thnext  week in Jerez and we will continue to work together. I am sure that we can make it this year.
I have confidence in the skills we have in Ferrari.
We have two months to be ready for the first race. We need to fight for the title and try to include as many points as possible. We really want to be at the top of the hierarchy. We need to be as regular as possible and I am sure, sure that we will be able to obtain good results. " 
*Felipe Massa :
"Let me tell you that this car has a really aggressive look, this was part of my dreams and I know there is a lot of brainstorming when there is a new car. We always wanted to develop new models and I must say that I am impressed with this car. We begin in a few days and I am sure the championship will be beautiful and very competitive."

the Ferrari arrived in Jerez, which will host the first winter tests of 2012 from 7 to 10 February. Felipe Massa will run the first two days while Fernando Alonso will roll the next two .

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