Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fernando Alonso interview after Jerez

"This time is nothing , like those of the previous days .
Yesterday we mainly worked on the hard tires and others have used the softs, in the end we finished seventh. Today (February 10) it was the reverse. We have made our work, even if yesterday and today we had a few reliability problems which prevented us to do what we wanted. 
About me, it was nice to be back in a car two months and a half after and feel all the emotions that you receive at the wheel of a F1. However much work, especially on aerodynamics and reliability. And then you have to see, it is may be a sign of having so few kilometres: last year, the first sessions, we much shot and we know all that happened later. It is a new car, there are very few parts of last year and many innovative things, it is the result of a different philosophy in other years. For example, the steering is new and we have worked very hard on it these days, now we are beginning to see the first good results.As I said before, there's more work but it does us not fear. During these four days of testing, we have towers only to collect data without intervening on the settings, so I think that when we do, we will also improve our performance. Already here in Jerez, when we made a few changes, we obtained answers that we wanted, even if it is true that the car is more complex in terms of mechanics and aerodynamics, it makes some more complicated operations. Today, we conducted only 40 laps because it took a long time to make the necessary changes to improve the car to complete our program. I think that the situation will be different in Barcelona and we will be better prepared. For us drivers, because there are so many new things to learn.We will see (on the 2012 World Championship, Editor's note), still several weeks of work before Melbourne. Here, day after day we are improved and we have confidence in the car. We need to continue in this direction and improve, it is too early to draw conclusions. The Lotus to fight for the title ? I don't know, I am pleased with the return of Kimi, it is a great driver, a great person".

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