Tuesday, May 8, 2012

la gazzetta de Ferrari

* Ferrari brought a host of new components tested in the Mugello last week. among them, a new front wing , new pontoons, a better distribution of the masses and especially a new exhaust system(already tested during the winter tests in Jerez but abandoned due to a lack of results)which redirects better the flow of air . Ferrari seems to be satisfied with this system as the results on track seem to be the same as in the wind tunnel. but it is not finished because the Italian team has other new features that will appear during the Barcelona Gp which will be held this weekend. A Mercedes WDuct could be add on a new rear wing . Note that Ferrari chose not to change their chassis and therefore decided to retain their suspensions. 

* Fernando Alonso answered questions asked by fans on twitter and facebook ; and we could learn that Fernando is making the collection of the helmets of all his rivals on the grid ; that if he had not been an F1 driver he may has been cyclist or footballer or a maths teacher since it was his favorite subject at school ! It was also reported that the first person that Fernando contacted after winning his first title in 2005 was his mother ; and that according to the Spanish champion the more difficult curve  to understand is the 14th of the Gp of Malaysia. If you wish to read the interview in its entirety, go here: http://www.fernandoalonso.com
* a rumour reappeared last week that Mark Webber could replace Felipe Massa in 2013 ! It was reported that there maybe was talks of an agreement proposal that could have been signed between the two parties but of course the Australian driver and the Scuderia Ferrari have denied any contact !  

* today celebrates the 30 years of the sad disappearance of Gilles Villeneuve and to honour him, Ferrari suggested his son Jacques to take the wheel of the Ferrari 312T4 dating from 1979, in which Gilles Villeneuve had signed most of his victories ! Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa were also present for the occasion. 

(pic from the personal twitter of Fernando Alonso : http://www.twitter.com/alo_oficial )

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