Friday, May 4, 2012

Mugello testing day 3 : Fernando Alonso quotes

* in regard to the updates for Barcelona: 
"there are still two or three important parts for Barcelona which we hope will work well. But we know that all the teams will make a major step forward in Spain, that our be be larger than their if we want to catch them up."

* a special race for Fernando: 
"this is an important race for me, it is my home race. I know that whenever we go to Barcelona, the team tries to provide me the better car ever , and in return I give everything up to 101%, I hope that will be a good weekend."

* in regard to the delay in catching up on the other teams: 
"it is not easy to quantify our gap with the first, it was different according to the tracks. Taking the average of the first races, I would say 7 or 8 tenths. I can only tell you that we can retrieve this gap which is not thin." 

* regarding exhaust tested at the Mugello circuit: 
"we should study all the data. We tested three different configurations of exhausts but this year, we are no longer able to do magic as in the past. In China, for example, we have seen the Red Bull with two different configurations. That will be mounted in Barcelona gives us more confidence, but it is not the key to the changes." 

* the balance:
"my feeling is good, I am very satisfied because we made only small novelties and none did not work. It makes me optimistic because this winter, we put on the car 10 new parts, only six were working. We have brought here two or three and everything works perfectly. It seems that we succeed finally to confirm the data of the factory on track."

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