Friday, May 25, 2012

Monaco Gp : Alonso & Massa Thursday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "Monaco is for us driver , the opportunity to ride on a single circuit in its kind, in which you take pleasure in each turn and you need confidence, this is the most difficult, because you can make errors easily. This morning, we were able to carry out the program without problem but in the afternoon, because of the rain, we have failed to complete, as was the case for our rivals. We tried to get the best out of the meeting, we must see what we can do with super-soft tires. If Saturday morning the track is dry then we can complete programs. Intermediaries have just helped to understand certain things but the runway was wet that in some places, it was so difficult. We cannot control the weather and it can change so fast. With regard to the car, I find that the first sensations are very good, everything seems to react as expected it. We made a few small changes to improve it but it is not easy to draw conclusions now. Say that we must do this weekend and continue in this way."

* Felipe Massa: "we were not able to make as many laps as we would have liked due to the rain that fell this afternoon, but I am pleased with the course of the day because the car seemed well balanced and that as soon as the first testing session, we have good traction, a little better than we thought. Even when we have driven intermediates end-of-session, I had a positive feeling. With respect to the super-soft tires, we have not tried them, so I cannot say anything on them while the soft tires seem to function well and does not degrade. Of course much remains to be done on the settings but we have an extra day to do so. It is difficult to make the prognostic on the qualitifation and even more for the race but I can say that it was a good day of trials."

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