Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mugello testing day 2 : Massa quotes

"I really enjoyed driving here at the Mugello because it is a sensational track.
It is here that I had my first race in Europe when I was a kid and also my first trials in Formula1, after I came with Ferrari. It is true that this track is very different from those we usually race, of course there are similarities to certain paths, such as Barcelona and Silverstone. However, the tests are always important for a driver because we learn much about the behaviour of the car. Stay in the Simulator is not, as its name indicates, is that simulate, so for us, fly on the actual track is essential. This day was useful, both for me and the team, although the car had roughly the same balance as Bahrain. We have mainly worked on tires, their behavior on the short and long distances and then we tested new aerodynamic components and various set - ups car. We have made our program and tomorrow it will be Fernando to test the new parts that we have prepared for the start of the European season. It is clear that we need a step forward as soon as possible if we want to be competitive. I am confident about the work we do in recent weeks but we will really know if we have reached our goals when we are in Barcelona. We can be sure that other teams have also worked a lot, so if we want to make progress, it must be a significant good in terms of performance. 
It is a very long Championship, but we need to make up the ground lost in the next three to five races, is a time key to improve our situation."

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