Friday, March 16, 2012

Australia Gp : Alonso and Massa Saturday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: 
"it is always a pleasure to return here after the winter truce, all the cars are on track together and the public is present, it is always a good feeling. It was a bit complex to try to work on the program scheduled for Friday because of the weather. Therefore there is still some work to request prior qualifications but I think that others are in a similar position. I am rather satisfied with the car, the sensation is rather positive. However, we did not do the usual comparison between the two types of tires, because we ran primarily with tires intermediate and mediums. Well, they seem to behave on the degradation. It was important to have a reliable car, the KERS, the engine management, transmission and all the rest because it is not always the case at the opening of the season. I have no mark with the timesheet, and it is impossible to make predictions for the qualifications. Tomorrow I expect to see a very mixed grid because there are a lot of teams that appear to be quick since this winter. We will try to do our best, with all the best features that we have tried in recent weeks, including a few made here details. However, my opinion has not changed, we have to wait for tomorrow to see where we are the competitors, but if I were to give a sort of notice on the day, then it is positive. We have important things today, the balance of the car is good and she responds well to changes."

*Felipe Massa: 
"after more than three months we are finally back to what is best, namely the weekend of races. However, today was a difficult return because we couldn't make as many towers was planned. The rain came disturbed the first and the second session of free trials and free test 1 I lost time because I missed because of the left rear wheel braking in the grass I went into the gravel and I couldn't go back on track. In the second session, rain is invited more and only the end of session could roll in dry tires. As a result of all these elements, is not really possible to know where we stand vis à vis of rivals. For my part, I do that too few tower to tell if the car to change since the last days of Barcelona but tomorrow afternoon, when the qualifications we will be all under the same conditions and the we will finally understand something."

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