Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the news of Tuesday !

* The Marussia team hired the Spanish pilot Maria of Vilotta as a third driver ! good news for all the women drivers since it was since 2005 that no woman had driven a F1.

* Pirelli will test its gums for 2013 on a Renault R30 from 2010.

* the types of gums which will be provided by Pirelli for the 3 first races are : 
- soft and medium tires for Melbourne
-hard and medium tires in Malaysia 
- soft and medium tires in China

* Spanish site f1aldia.com showed a pic of Fernando Alonso recent tattoo . What do you thinkof it ?

* always about Fernando, good news for all fans of the network social twitter : Fernando Alonso has joined twitter last Sunday under the name @alo_oficial ! 

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