Sunday, March 18, 2012

Australia Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso: 
"It went like this: I have slowed a bit in the grass, the car went to head to tail, and I found myself in the gravel. I managed to not sink in the hope that the Commissioners leads me to return to the runway. I have done my time with proven soft tires. Perhaps with a nine train I could arrange to spend in Q3, but fight to the first places would have been impossible. Today we lack of performance. We do not have enough support and we still lack of top speed. Tomorrow we are going to run a defensive race and make the maximum with 4 new tires trains. I hope a good start to catch up with a few lines before us and then fight with them until the end. here at the end of the qualification last year we 1.4 seconds slower than others. While today ' today was a second, so hypothetically, it could be said that we are more competitive with the time. Of course, there are other teams who have made progress, but I think that we have plenty of points for improvement. In Malaysia, we will have the same car, so the situation will not change. We will simply have to adapt to the characteristics of the route. It is true that our objective from the beginning of the year was to fight for the victory, that we have not succeeded, but it will be a long season and what we can do, it is working to improve... It is no point in getting angry because this would serve no purpose. "

Felipe Massa: 
"I am very disappointed: it is not the beginning of the season that I expected or hoped." This is difficult since the third session of free trials. The balance of the car was never as I wanted to and I never managed to make a clean lap . I always had a lack of grip with mediums and the tender. I have also suffered from oversteer in entry and exit of understeer. I don't know why, but the car seems to be worse than in the winter trials, perhaps it is due to the characteristics of the circuit. Now, we will try to do what we can tomorrow in the race. This won't be easy because I will go very far but I will develop the work of the heart. I do not think that we will be able to do that only one decision, but we must make up lost ground today in qualifying. It is clear that we are behind, perhaps more than we expected and there are other teams who have much improved from last year. We work to find the right path to develop the car."

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