Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the in&out of the Australia Gp

* the top in:

-the Mclaren boys: 
it was expected that the Mclaren drivers start the season in marching band and we have not been disappointed! Jenson took not less than a turn to grab the head of the Gp and no longer leave it ! then Jenson had a brilliant strategy and managed well the security car at the end of race . 
Lewis Hamilton can feed a few regrets including at the start and in his judgment at his early pitstop , which cost him the second place and thus the doubled for his team. Nevertheless he finished on the podium and starts well the season thus forget 2011. 

-Sebastian Vettel: 
after qualifications in a half tint, Sebastian was able to reverse the trend by finishing 2nd on the podium with a good strategy and the misfortune of the Mercedes. a good result for a good start the season! 

-Mark Webber: 
in  front of his audience , the Australian driver has made a solid race despite the problems of Kers suffered throughout the weekend. But Mark can feed regret especially when we see that his teammate has finished on the podium. 

-Pastor Maldonado: 
even if the Venezuelan driver didn't join the arrival due to a crash at the end of the race, he demonstrated a very large potential including in putting pressure on the Ferrari of Alonso! even if he did not mark any point , Pastor showed that Williams had made big developments  this season.

* the top out:

Mercedes had everything to make a good Gp : a fast car capable of well in qualifications! but in the Gp, despite a very good start of their both drivers , the team was betrayed by his mechanics as their two pilots retired due to a gearbox problem. 
reliability is therefore to review at Mercedes! 

-Felipe Massa: 
even if Ferrari has problems with its F2012, Felipe Massa would have better figuratively in this Gp, especially when we see that his teammate has finished in the 5th position! Felipe complained of a lack of traction on his car and had to retire after a crash with Bruno Senna but the general impression is that Felipe didn't give the impression to invest fully! 
one good point: his start of the race . 

it appears that the small Spanish team continues to drag behind her financial and technical problems! asked how the team could finish the 2012 season ! 

* the climbs of the race :

-2 drivers had rather poorly qualified from their rank of world champion but are rather well caught in the race. I speak of course of Fernando Alonso who won 7 seats by finishing 5th and Kimi Raïkonnen who earned 12 by ending 7th! they did the show by performing both a beautiful start and overtakings .
let's hope these two drivers will fight at the front post! 

the strategy of the day is on behalf of Sergio Pérez who realized only one pitstop !  

* of the side of the Frenchies:

-Romain Grosjean: 
despite a great performance in qualifications, Romain could not achieve it because of a collision early in the race with Pastor Maldonado. 

-Jean-Eric Vergne: 
even if he finished only 11th, Jean-éric showed a large potential and a strong pace in the race. maybe he could have put soft tires initially? 

-Charles Pic: 
at the wheel of his modest Marussia, Charles has certainly not seen the chequered flag but has still won even a little more experience. 

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