Thursday, March 15, 2012

Australia Gp : Fernando Alonso quotes

"We must continue to work and develop the car. Our progress is innovative compared to the past at Ferrari, then six days of testing is not sufficient to change from black to white. This is not a continuation of the car last year, so we need more time, more than other teams to be competitive. I think we made good progress, we will see our competitiveness in the qualifications, not only here but also in Malaysia and China because this circuit is particularly, we are practically at a standstill in some areas. It will be good to put all the best elements of the car together, because we have never done this during testing . This is what we will do for tomorrow's free practice for the first time. "About the recent statements of Pat Fry:
" Engineers are always looking data and figures. Maybe we have not reached goals or outcomes we expected, but that does not mean that the actual numbers that we wanted is not enough to go on the podium. We'll know soon, not until this weekend. There is good things to come with this car and I hope it will come soon. "
About the presence of six world champions on the grid
:" It's great for the fans and the media, it attracts more attention to the sport and it can only create a better show or better qualities of races, but you know they are in GP2 races phenomenal and there is not six world champions. The most important thing is that several cars can fight for victory. If Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren, Lotus and Mercedes can fight for the win then people will love this season and I hope it will be like that."
Then he thinks that Ferrari still shine this season in which he is: 
"The team is very motivated and very ambitious for this championship, we want to be world champion, that's our goal and we should arrive in November with a few points higher than our competitors if we want to be champions. We are ready, united and we trust each, other. Engineers are confident, the mechanics do a fantastic job and I hope the drivers will be at the top. "

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