Monday, April 23, 2012

Bahrain Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: "Today we knew we would be between the 8th and 12th position, so being ninth is in our goals and reflects our current level of performance, and sincerely taking into account the characteristics of the track which are not suited to our car, it was difficult. So far the weekend went well place, and for a chance going into Q3 we sacrificed a Additional set of tires, so we did not have enough tires for Q3, which prevented me from making time. Make a time with worn tires would have been meaningless and we would obliged to go with used tires, but now we are free to choose what gum we want for the start , with a race that will be very difficult especially for tires. In general we have been more competitive Sundays than Saturdays, so I think it will be the same situation tomorrow, we must try and manage the tires better possible and make the most of new tires. The start will be important, it would be useful to win positions for knowing the overtakings are not Simple. The goal? Finishing in the points around the sixth or seventh position, I know it's not great, but we can not do better with the current car."

*Felipe Massa: "It is not a brilliant position but at least I preserved a set of soft tires for the race. It is true that the conditions improve track rounds after rounds, but I can not say if I could have go to Q3, turning track. Nevertheless it would have been very difficult and we decided to sacrifice soft tires for tomorrow's race, because I have new tires , it can make a difference on the track especially when the degradation is important this weekend. We need to get a good start to use our strategy must enable us to win positions, and we know our recent experience in Shanghai, the Overtaking will be very difficult for us because we lack traction out of turns and slow speeds edge, this is why we on the defensive in the race. "

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