Monday, April 30, 2012

the in&out of the Bahrain Gp

*the top of the in:

- Sebastian Vettel: 
the world champion has finally released his timer of victory and well managed difficult Gp physically but also mentally. SEB has resisted well to Kimi Raikkonen and offers a win well deserved to his team who has worked extensively to improve the Red Bull. 

- Lotus:
the Lotus boys have surprised everyone by inviting themselves on the podium of the Gp of Bahrain in even having a chance of victory for both pilots and especially for Kimi Raikkonen who showed that he had reason to return to F1! a small regret for Kimi who had testedone occasion double Vettel but nevertheless the Finnish drive does not have to be ashamed of his race .

-Felipe Massa: Finally a race in the points for Felipe! certainly it is to two points but Felipe has finally relea6 its counter of points in having made a good start and in offering themselves even the luxury of having produced 1 tenth better turn faster than his team-mate! hope that this race will be a spark for Felipe !

* the top of the out:

 between the Chinese Gp and the Gp de Bahrain, the day and night for Mercedes! After a victory in China, Nico Rosberg has finished to fifth-place! It limits the damage but his race was quite turbulent with two rather bold maneuvers on Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso manoeuvres which earned him a passage in the Commissioners Fortunately for him without penalty. as Michael Schumacher it marks a small point but after an extraordinary upwelling that saw him earn not less 12 places! 

the race seemed promising for the Mclaren drivers but in the end it was disastrous! result: a surrender to Jenson and as many points which fly in smoke and an eighth place for Lewis after a stop at the booth much too long!  -Williams: a surrender to Maldonado and a semi retirement(classified coz he made 90% of the race)! we are far from the good results seen during the first races of the season ! 

* the strategy of the day is for Paul di Resta ! Indeed the Force India driver finished in fifth position after you have chosen a strategy to two cases, rather bold and that worked! a good nice reward for this team was not even safe to stay for the Gp! 

* the ascent of the day is for Michael Schumacher who earned 12 positions !

* Of the side of the Frenchies:

-Romain Grosjean: 
what race on the part of Romain! He completely forgot his start of the season in a half tint and even led during some laps ! a beautiful smile of Romain on the podium that says a lot about the joy of the French driver ! 

-Jean Éric Vergne: 
it's not that Jean Éric is slow, well on the contrary! but he operates insufficient qualifications on the Saturday session to achieve a beautiful race! 

-Charles Pic: 
retirement  during the Gp for Charles, a shame but Charles learns quickly and was not very far from the Caterham on the track . his next goal is likely to exceed in Barcelona!

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