Monday, April 23, 2012

Bahrain Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: "We finish this race in a better place that we feared and we have managed to limit the damage because we came here with eight points behind the leader, and we have lost only two additional. This series of four race is positive even if we can't deny that we are not happy of the latter that we need a step forward because we can not always rely on the faults of others. For example, we have reduced the difference of points with McLaren, something that I would not have thought possible yesterday. At the same time we completed the race nearly a minute behind the winner what has not happened this season. I expected to see competitive Lotus and this was the case during the weekend. The positive point of the beginning of the season and that there is no net driver domination as was the case last year for example. With regard to the race, I cannot say anything about it because last week I said that the situation would not change. At certain times we were strong, others less and everything was linked to the behaviour of tires, more, we lack of top speed and this is penalizing in a duel. With regard to the accident with Rosberg, I can only say that if there was a wall instead of sand then I would there be to speak about.
we need to improve the car as quickly as possible, we will have some major developments in Barcelona but it will no doubt be other, therefore everything will depend on the way in which rivals have worked and we will discover this at Mugello."

*Felipe Massa: "it was certainly not an easy race but we managed to do a good job and for the first time this season I mark points which is a good result for the moment even if we are aware that this is not the kind of results that can make the Scuderia Ferrari pleased. It's a performance that gives me confidence for the rest of the season and it's clear that we must improve the performance of the car as quickly as possible to be able to fight for interesting positions. In Barcelona everyone will bring major updates and we have to hope we have done a better job than our rivals to make up the ground lost in the beginning of the Championship. With respect to the race I think we were right to preserve a set of soft tires and it's a pity that I lost a position with Rosberg in my judgment, because otherwise I could have done a better result. I have had trouble with the rear tires and I had to complete running more slowly than anticipated to."

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