Monday, April 16, 2012

China Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "We knew it would be difficult, we have always been in traffic without the possibility to exploit the potential of the car and Also, when you're behind the others, tires wear out much faster. When one chooses to make three stops, it means that it is imperative exceed but with the speed that we aircraft, it was almost impossible, which I was forced to attempt overtaking other parts of the track, places where I could use the car otherwise ... Obviously, this does not leave me very optimistic about Bahrain, on a track where traction and speeds are important, what exactly are our most major weaknesses. Once again the Next week, the objective will be limit the damage. I do not think of the championship, the priority is to improve the F2012. This does not mean however that I lost hope, quite the contrary. last year we believed until SPA then there is no reason, when we are ranked third with only eight points behind the leader, not to believe it. Of course, we absolutely need take a step forward in making the faster car. In Spain, we will have major new features, but the same applies to the others so I don't expect to become faster a second longer than them."

* Felipe Massa: "I tried to do my best in a 
race very tight . Finishing 13th is not something which should make me happy, but I think we have made progress compared to last two races. I'm happy to finally have had a normal race this season and I do my maximum, the strategy was the right given my position, but with these events race we could consider other solutions. Nevertheless it is easier to criticize after the race finished. At each stop I found myself in the traffic and I paid dearly for the lack of top speed is one of our major problems with this car. The Sakhir circuit seems not to be favorable to our car because the characteristics of the track. For me it's a race I've always successful but I am under no illusions, we will try to do our better."

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