Monday, November 5, 2012

Abu Dhabi Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

*Fernando Alonso: 'I'm happy with the way this weekend has ended. It's true that, with Sebastian behind, there was a possibility to increase the gap more significantly, but it is also true that our performance and our position on the grid could make us lose points during the grand prix, I repeat, they have the fastest car, we have the best team. Everyone is fighting with the weapons at his disposal: we will not succeed in having the fastest car with a flick of a magic wand, but we will address their performance with the perfection of our team. The simulation placed us somewhere between the 4th and 5th place and we finished 2nd , so once more it was a perfect race, the most of the start to finish. Of course, there were a number of drop-outs unexpected and two periods of neutralization which not really came at the right time for us, but these are things out of our control. We just had to stay focused on our race and that's what we did. Now, we go to Austin, a new circuit for everyone: we had a taste of it on the simulator, but it's something else on the track. We hope to get a good result and that there will be some spectacle in a country that is important as the United States. This evening I will go to sleep thinking that the glass is half full rather than half empty. We should be proud of what we did, work of track-mechanics and engineers who have tried to refine the car. I struggled from the start to finish: first with Maldonado, then Jenson, and ultimately, I tried to come back on Kimi. I could not relax a single lap . The best race of the year? It is yet to come." 

*Felipe Massa: "it was a race especially difficult for me because I had problems with the soft tires deteriorating more quickly that we had planned after Friday testing, we must therefore understand what has changed within two days. I also had problems with the balance of the car with the understeer in fast curves and oversteer in the slow corners. My duel with Webber was a crucial moment in the race, he has tried to do outside on me and we are affected. Then, he cut the chicane and came back on the track like crazy, forcing me to turn to avoid him . It's really a shame because I think I could have finish in front of Kobayashi but in all cases I scored points that are important for the constructors championship and we are increasing our lead over McLaren. For the next race I will have the same developments that Fernando Alonso had here and so we hope that there are other important areas. However we should not lose sight that the type of circuit can greatly affect the performance because here we saw McLaren and Lotus very strong, well more than the Red Bull for example, but it is not certain that it will be similarly in other races."

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