Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Austin Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "it's an unexpected podium coming at the end of a particularly difficult weekend because we didn't have the pace to meet the Red Bull and the McLaren and losing only three points on Vettel is a nice gift because it could have been much worse and we can go to Brazil with a small chance to win the title. I would say that we have 25% chance to win but in the background I think we can do much more and anything can happen at Interlagos and we have seen many times that the reliability is important. In addition to this there is a risk of rain and a race in these conditions is very risky but we have nothing to lose, because clearly, if the race is dry then we will have a normal race in which it can be expected that Red Bull are ahead of everyone and we on the third or fourth line, the unknowns are many and it is good for us. For the decision to change Massa gearbox I am proud of what the team decided , it was good even though everyone may not agree with that. The start was very good as well as the first corner and in this second part of the season we made great gains positions in the first few metres. Then I had a good pace to preserve this podium, but it was not enough to do better. My pit stop was not perfect, and it is probably the first time this season that happens, this means that we are always looking for perfection in all areas including that of pit stops. Massa was faster than me throughout the weekend and I have to say that we have to rely on his good form for the Interlagos race because we have very strong opponents and therefore we must be united if we want to win!" 

 * Felipe Massa: "for me this is a bit like a victory because it is certainly the best race of my season and I can now say that I am happy to have started eleventh coz this morning when they told me I lost five places I have not jumped for joy but I accepted to help the team and Alonso. I do not think that many drivers would have accepted the same thing but I am an honest person who is dedicated and I would always do the maximum to help my team. At the start I won three positions but then I went wide and lost a few places again, after that I had a good pace and I was able to do good exceedances and that at various points in the track, I even passed two cars at the same time so I think that we did our best today. I don't think I could have beat me against Vettel and Hamilton. I enjoyed drive on this track and it was very fun and enjoyable, it's not my favourite circuit but it's one of those that I love. Now we go to Interlagos, my home race and it would be nice to finish the season on a podium or even a victory. One thing is certain, it's that I will do everything I can to help the team achieve its goals, today I maybe could finish in front of Alonso but I am well aware of the situation in the Championship, and I am doing what is good for Ferrari, as in my entire career."

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