Monday, November 26, 2012

Brazil GP : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "I am not surprised by our position because we could not expect a revolution on our performance in just a week, I think I did a good qualifying session, especially if we look at our positions in the last races. My chances to reach the podium are still intact and it will be my goal because I know that in normal circumstances we can not fight for the win, but I also know that we must count on a retirement of Vettel if we want the title and finish on the podium. Obviously I hope a chaotic race in the rain would be a factor, even if on a wet track the situation is difficult for everyone. My car is not prepared for a wet track because we don't really know what it will be. Massa made a superb qualifying session, it was above the performance of the car, it's almost a miracle that he made and that we are still in the race for the world title for the last race. At the end of the Monza Gp I was not thinking anymore that it was possible and I am sure that everything will be played tomorrow and that nothing is finished." 

* Felipe Massa: "it was a good qualifying session, in Q3 I did a perfect lap and I think that we were not far from the fastest to the McLaren and Red Bull, for my part I am very satisfied with the balance of my car. Now we have to stay concentrated on the race, which will be anything but not easy. I am more at ease since the mid-season, I'm more and more confident, I attacked more and more and my approach to the race will be simple and do my best for my public and Ferrari, because I have a very good car that is not the fastest in qualifying but very fast in the race."

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