Thursday, September 5, 2013

Belgium GP : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso : "When you are 9th and 10th you can say that this is not good but the data analysis tells us that the car was more competitive that when recent races . We made innovations which worked well, it is the fruit of our work in mid-July when we have identified our problems.Our misfortune happened in Q3 when I didn't have enough time for a new lap , maybe those who were last in the standings at this moment no were not able to improve, but on my last lap I went to head to tail, an error that cost me much even if the tour following in the same place I had already recovered three seconds.For the race I am confident enough because with all weather variables anything can happen, so we'll see what will happen. We have to win many places but at least we are certain to have reduced our delay on the best both in the dry as in Q2 than in mixed conditions as in Q1.In the end only the rain remains a great unknown because we have never rode on a wet track of the beginning at the end since the beginning of the weekend."

Felipe Massa: "I am really disappointed with the result of these qualifications even if it was difficult to make the right choices at the right time with a so unstable weather. In my first lap in Q3 I went out with mediums tyres and it started to rain, I had therefore two options, return to the pits to put fuel and have one set of intermediate tyres or to make only one change of tyres and return on track for a single lap , option I preferred knowing that I would be alone on the track to try to make a good time.Unfortunately, this choice has not paid for the moment, the rain stopped and other cars have found better track what is really unfortunate because the car has been competitive during the weekend, but it is not today that we specify this.Even if tomorrow we start off, the race is long and anything can happen, the pace is good and hopefully we can make some good overtakings and score major points."

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