Monday, September 23, 2013

Singapore GP : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "the second place today is like a victory for us after a tough weekend on a track where it's difficult to overtake . The key points of this race were the start and the strategy and in both situations the decisions taken were good. Our choices were aggressive. At the start I overtook four cars, I was much helped by the starts from previous races. I couldn't pass Rosberg on the track so the decision to return to the pits was made when the safety car came on the track even if it was not easy to finish the race with very worn tyres .Fortunately thanks to the advantage I had on Raikkonen and Webber we were able to manage the situation on the final laps, and if I was in the same group as these drivers then it would have been an horror movie ! The gap with the leaders of the Championship has increased and I have to congratulate them because they deserve, we must be realistic about our chances of winning the title because we will need lots of luck. Of course we do not give up on the season because if an opportunity happens we have to be ready to seize it ."

Felipe Massa: "in light of all that has happened in the race today the sixth place is a good result. I took a great start but at the first corner I found myself trapped inside cars that I had overtook just before and I lost places.From then I've always stuck behind other cars and we all know how it is difficult to overcome here. When the safety car came out we had two options: either put the mediums which we were not sure that they will last during the end of race or the super soft tyres to win a few positions .So we opted for the super soft but Di Resta had advance on the same tyres so I was still stuck behind him. In my case I managed to return to the 6th place because many had trouble with tyres. It was difficult and I'm very happy to score points."

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