Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fernando Alonso optimistic for Singapore

(Fernando Alonso on the 2012 Singapore podium)

It's an optimistic Fernando Alonso who arrived yesterday at Singapore . And he can ! Because in the last 5 editions of the GP he reached the podium by 4 times(including 2 victories) ! 

Fernando Alonso : "This is a very special race, without right to make mistakes but I love it though because I'm usually rather comfortable there . In 5 starts, I got 4 times on the podium so this year yet, I discuss this weekend in a positive state of mind and confident that I can again do well."
"It's a street circuit, the 'risk' factor is still very high. There is always the possibility of making a mistake, especially in the last sector with turns 18 and 19 passing under the grandstand . It's very easy to crash here with a small loss of concentration. This means the end of the race."
"The F1 calendar becomes more stressful now with all these races outside Europe. I well prepared myself during the summer holidays , on the fitness, in order to have a good end of Championship, without problem. All these changes in time zones are very demanding."
"The Singapore race adds to this a very important physical and mental requirement . This takes place during the night and even if it remains in European hours, your pace is still a little affected on a weekend ." 

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