Monday, November 4, 2013

Abu Dhabi GP : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "it was a really difficult qualifying session, as this weekend even if the times from 11th may help so let's hope this will be the case here even if I think it is best to go in Q3 but unfortunately I failed to do a clean lap and I didn't manage to win the tenths that I was missing. Here we suffer more but in general our performance is best on Sundays so I remain positive for the race. We must absolutely get a good start, stay focused and make a perfect race if we want to score points for success our goal to finish second in the constructors championship, tomorrow the race will be long and it will be a difficult fight. We have seen that in the heat the soft tyres are working better than the mediums and if continuous logic then we should start with the soft tyres and pass the mediums when night will fall, obviously we need to wait and see how things go."

Felipe Massa: "I'm happy with my qualification as the best happened than what I was expecting. All weekend we were not competitive enough and after free practice this morning I was worried I didn't go in Q3, but thanks to my lap where I pulled the best car and lower temperatures I managed to win some positions . Today, I did everything I could and I think that without my oversteer in the last corner I could have done even better. However, this track is not suitable for our car, it takes a lot of traction and high temperature does not help us.The race takes place in the evening and I hope that this will allow us to score important points, we need at the moment even if it won't be easy."

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