Sunday, November 17, 2013

Austin GP : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "my back is fine and I have no problem to go on track, I was able to attack like always . compare to last year the track conditions seem better , the first edition of the Grand Prix was difficult because there was some oil on the track, but now there are many more grip. According to our expectations of the day, we have seen that there is little degradation on the tyres but it's a logical thing because of ultra conservative tyres choices here in Austin with medium and hard tyres .Overall there has not been big surprises and now we'll wait and see how it goes tomorrow and especially Sunday."

Felipe Massa: "today was a tough day because this morning we thought only after free practice 1 that the characteristics of the track suited our car but in the afternoon it was not the case, things have changed and we have not been able to make good time.The car has not changed since the last races and it's for this reason that we cannot expect different performances, but we understand why the car has so much changed between the two sessions. I do not think that it depends on the temperature rise, probably the wind which has not helped us, we have much work to improve in sight of the rest of the weekend. Compared with last year the grip is better, it's rather a good thing."

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