Sunday, November 17, 2013

Austin GP : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "I am rather pleased with the result of these qualifications because after the problems we had almost throughout the weekend, including in Q1 we had little hope to go to Q3.This shows how things can change with the temperature of the track with a ten degrees more, we suffered a lot with tires with a low temperature especially in tests in the morning . If you look at the pace we had in the afternoon with the sun scheduled for tomorrow that should help us get a good race. It would be exciting to get on the podium but my main goal is to help the team to regain second place in the constructors championship.To achieve this, we must beat Mercedes and that from the start. This will condition the race we will have even if we know in advance that it will not be easy, especially from the dirty side of the track, here in Austin it's without doubt the most penalising of the year."

Felipe Massa: "it was a really difficult qualifying session and I must say, since yesterday afternoon I have not been able to drive the car properly because something does not work and we have not managed to understand what. I do not think that I have a specific problem, but there is a lack of grip on the front and the back of the car and I did not fast regardless of the type of tyres.This is very strange because Alonso was better able to adapt to the car, and I therefore do not understand why I can't do the same thing, as much as I love this track. I did not expect me to have much difficulties . We must find a solution for tomorrow because this will be a tough race, we must do our utmost to make progress in the hierarchy and score points which will be useful for the constructors classification ."

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