Monday, November 4, 2013

Abu Dhabi GP : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso: "I am satisfied to score points for the team in a race that was difficult, it was really a very complicated weekend for us. The gap was huge with the first 4 and I do not think that I could have done better and the fact of starting 10th has not helped us, we knew we were going to be in traffic so we needed to make a good start, tried to reassemble as much positions as possible. When we saw that we were always behind some cars and that it had become impossible to achieve our strategy of one stop, we have therefore chosen an aggressive strategy of two stops. Mediums were pretty well so we thought that we could use the soft tyres for a short relay and make a series of fast laps.My battle with Vergne, I do not know what the Commissioners are going to say (Editor's Note: he was not penalised) but the rule is clear when you're faced with a car you must give the necessary space or he took all the track.For me it is a race incident, in the end I find my race fantastic but now we do not want to give up the fight in the constructors championship, we must absolutely do our best and finish the last two races on the podium."

Felipe Massa: "I was competitive from start to finish and my car was quite good, it was a beautiful race. Our strategy was based on one stop but when we realized that tyres degraded too quickly to the rear train we decided to make a second stop for not taking risks.The choice of medium tyres rather that the soft ones was not a good idea because the soft tyres were faster at least one second per lap and I had done 19 laps on the first stint, so this would not have been a concern at the end of race.It is a shame because we could finish at least fifth, even if this is not the result we deserved I am always satisfied with my performance.We are now moving to Texas and Brazil, two tracks which should suit our car and I hope that I can continue to be competitive."

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