Sunday, November 10, 2013

Felipe Massa balance interview of his career at Ferrari

The event at Mugello will feature the last Ferrari to lots of crowd: how will you feel?

"With happiness in my heart, because it will be wonderful to greet the fans thanking them for all the years we spent together. They have always supported me, even in the most difficult moments."

Eight years as race driver: what is the secret to stay so long at Ferrari ?
"I always acted honestly and I gave my maximum in my work on the track, with the engineers and at the factory. I think that I have always acted in a very professional way."

You remember your first day?
"It was in early 2001 and I came after a season in F. Renault with Cram: I went to meet Jean Todt dressed of a jacket and a tie. Very tense and I was shaking."

The best moment of this long adventure in red?
"Certainly 2008, when I was so close to the world title, with many victories and podiums. But the day that will always remain in my mind was my first victory in Brazil (2006). For a Brazilian , to win at home, it's like winning the Championship. Remember Senna? When he won at Interlagos, he was happier than when he won the Championship! I learned the race at Interlagos, I grew up there: win in a Ferrari wearing a green and yellow suit (not usual red) was the best moment of my life. "

How do you explain to a young man who joined the Ferrari Driver Academy what it means to be a Ferrari driver precisely?
"Mm, well firstly it's difficult to enter! Because the choice of drivers is a difficult process and it's a privilege to be part of the reds. And then drive for this team, it's being always under the spotlight, you always grow up without worry about what people say about you. It's like being in a national football team, driving a Ferrari, it's like being in the Italian football team or play for the Seleção. You need to be prepared".

After having your accident  in 2009 , did you change your priorities in life?
"No absolutely not. Only now I appreciate life more. Because you always think that nothing can happen to you and then..." 

Stefano Domenicali said he always saw you as the 2008 world champion . Did you feel it ?

"100% Yes. I deserved the title, taking into account the season and everything that happened..."

Sebastian Vettel took his fourth title this year. Are they his securities or those of his team?
"100% to him and his car. Because it is true, he drove the car the fastest and most consistent way . But then, it was he who managed to extract its potential, taking the pole, which puts 6 tenths to everyone, including his teammate! This is a fantastic driver. "

Play to define men who were your boss , starting with Luca di Montezemolo.
"It is a person with a big heart and a great promoter. He knows describe and sell the idea of Ferrari. He is the right person for the post of president .

Rob Smedley 
"He played an important role in my career. When I ran for Ferrari my race engineer was Gabrielle Delli Colli, but things were not going as they should have and so I chose Rob who was there at the beginning and was with the test team. He knows me 100% "

You have had a lot of teammates, which one was the strongest?
"Fernando. Schumacher was also fast, but in terms of intelligence, Alonso is better because he was able to put everything together perfectly. "

Ferrari started very well 2013 and then stalled:
"at the beginning of the year, the car was competitive, but the mistake was that we did not develop as we should have done and like others have done so. The difference in performance in this final part of the Championship is due to a car that has not been developed in the right way "

You already know what you will do after F1?
"I love driving , it's part of my life and this is what makes me happy. Maybe after F1 I'll try my hand at another category".

Which one would you do ?
"DTM or Stock Cars in Brazil."

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