Monday, July 25, 2011

Germany GP : Alonso & Massa Friday quotes

Fernando Alonso :
"This Friday was like any other, quite ordinary. My first impressions of the car are very good. We have a very good support, good top speed and good grip. We are in the right direction, and it very well for us. The performance you can see the last few races are the result of hard work, the engineers working around the clock to give us a good car at each Grand Prix period. The temperatures are also important very important, and we"re not friends with very low temperatures. It will also be a very important element for qualifying and the race. My incident with Michael [Schumacher]? Nothing really important, he did not see me come I had to brake hard to avoid it. We will confirm tomorrow and Sunday."
Felipe Massa :
"It was a very good day, as we love them. We had a lot of work, which proved to be very profitable, especially we had no problems. We are reasonably happy with our competitiveness and reliability. While it is too early to place ourselves in relation to other for qualifying and the race, we can be pretty confident because we are performing. It is a very bumpy circuit and can be trapped at any time, that's what makes racing so exciting, attack while paying attention to our actions. So when you have a car fast and reliable, it's a real pleasure."

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