Friday, July 1, 2011

Valencia GP : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

Fernando Alonso :
"Well, first I am happy with the performance and the fact that the team is progressing after a difficult start to the season. Then of course the championship is not playable at the moment, our fate is not ours . We must therefore approach it race by race, trying to win the Grand Prix we play and wait for Red Bull makes mistakes. For now, I do not think we can think of the championship. We just have an approach which is limited race by race and see what happens in the latter part of the season. The gap is now 99 points, nearly a hundred wholesale. It's a lot ! As we have said, we are one second behind at the moment, or eight tenths. So if anyone thinks we can win a championship with eight tenths behind the turn, it may understand nothing about Formula 1. I was determined to get on the podium. In my collection of trophies, I miss it more now that the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and of course India. I hope I can complete my collection by the end of the year! I really enjoyed tasting the champagne again, especially to this lovely crowd of supporters in Valencia, an amazing city where there is a great passion for racing. This result means a lot to me. It is difficult to see the stands when you fly, but I could feel that there was great enthusiasm when I passed Webber. It is a good result for the whole team because it confirms that we are moving in the right direction."
Felipe Massa :
"It was a good race, I have long fought against other drivers, and it was rather interesting. The car was very good with the soft tires, but once the hard tires shod, it was really different, it was not acting the same way. I must say I am very, very disappointed with the problem that occurred during my last stop. This problem cost me precious seconds that could have made the difference against Lewis [Hamilton] on behalf of fourth place. In terms of performance, we were now and again before the McLaren. In Monaco and Canada, we were faster than them, and here too is a good thing

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