Monday, July 25, 2011

Silverstone GP : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso :
"I think it was the best qualifications in terms of performance. Is that this result is worse than in Canada (second he was gone) but I was farther from the pole than I am today. On a circuit whose characteristics were not suit our car, to be a little over a tenth is a good sign. The new parts, we have made here have worked well and I think tomorrow we can put those before us under pressure. The team did a lot of work and this step forward, it will help. We also made progress in how we manage the tires: we have seen in the few laps we had a chance to dry runway. The performance of the gums will be very important tomorrow, either on dry or wet track. We will have to be trimmed every eventuality, it will be important to a good start.
Do I hope it will rain? No, especially for fans who have had two days in the rain. Hopefully there is entertainment for the many spectators."
Felipe Massa:
"I would say it was a good qualifying for us as the third and fourth on the grid is a good result, especially when compared to the previous Saturday. At first glance, I think I did a good lap with a few small mistakes, I thought I could make up for it on my second run but the rain came, it was impossible to improve. The fourth position is positive, especially since I McLaren ahead of the two. From what we saw, the car seems competitive, but of course we do not know what will happen with the competition, when the tanks are full and also the behavior of the tires. It is therefore difficult to make predictions, the race will be like a tunnel, the more we advance the more you will see the light. As to whether our good performance is linked to the new rules, I do not think because we have also this system so we are also penalized.
It is clear that some cars more than others have lost support, but I would say we have made progress with our developments introduced here. I do not know how else to explain the fact that we managed to get good qualifications."

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