Friday, July 1, 2011

Valencia GP : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

Fernando Alonso :
"I do not think it was disappointing skills, because even if the observers knotted big expectations of us, the team we were well aware of the situation. The goal was to fight with McLaren and that's what we did. Maybe we had hoped to get ahead of their two cars, but we finally inserted between their two drivers. I did not expect that the slight change of regulation changes the hierarchy and that was the case: Red Bull was and is the favorite. We will see now if at Silverstone, where more significant changes will arrive, something happens, but we must keep in mind that almost everyone will suffer loss of performance. On my second run in Q3, I gave everything to try to improve myself, but once I realized that my time was slower than the previous one, I chose to return pit and save this set of tires as much as possible .
I think tomorrow we might see different strategies at the pit stops. Our goal is to finish on the podium and we have a chance to realize it. Development work on the car is progressing well, but we are still far behind in terms of aerodynamics. In terms of development time, we have two to three months late. We will not easily catch up with us but we will do everything we can to achieve it."
Felipe Massa :
"It was not a single sitting, even if the fourth and fifth is not a bad result than that. McLaren seems to have found a few things between practice and qualifying, while Red Bull is still very strong, as was expected. We have become more competitive over the last three races and our goal is to continue and we must push the development of the car especially the regulations for next year will be more or less the same, so all the current work will be useful the long term. Today, we struggled more than ever, probably because of the filing of rubber on the track and high temperatures, it did not work for us but it will be interesting to see the strategies chosen by competitors. I do not think that making a single stop is possible ."

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