Monday, July 25, 2011

The paddock podium of Silverstone

* The 4 in:
- Fernando Alonso:
Finally a victory for Alonso and Ferrari this season, more importantly at the right time because it was the 60th anniversary of the first victory of the Italian team in F1 in the same circuit ! Alonso was simply perfect, certainly taking advantage of a great pit stop using Vettel but proving that his Ferrari was simply the fastest since the gap with the second was 16 seconds at the checkered flag. The new components of the 150 ° worked well and it ran a very encouraging sign for the future. In addition, this victory has probably liberated the Scuderia that will now be able to approach the German GP with more serenity.
- Red Bull:
Although the GP was not perfect for the Austrian team, but the drivers still have scored big points for both championships.
However, small flat at the pit stops: was Red Bull under pressure?
- Lewis Hamilton:
the weekend had started badly for the British driver! but, no doubt prompted by his supporters came in numbers, he delivered a veritable battle for up to 4th place by overtaking Felipe Massa almost on the line !
- Sergio Pérez:
after experiencing a difficult period following his accident in Monaco Sergio is back and had a good GP, finishing in 7th place, scoring valuable points as well for his team.
* the 3 out :
- Red Bull:
yes the team orders are allowed but we would still have prefered that the team let Mark Webber freedom of movement.
- Jenson Button:
the British driver would probably have wanted to shine at home but did not count on bad luck and this disastrous pit stop! Plus Jenson lost one place in the championship.
- The Fia:
FIA has once again shown in a bad light with the case of banning the blown diffusers finally decide to reinstate it!not to mention the brief but stormy episode where the issue was an advantage for the renault engine and so for Red Bull ! In short, the Fia would again have done better to remain silent !

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