Friday, March 25, 2011

Alonso & Massa Friday declarations

Fernando Alonso :
"Nothing new, nothing to say. These two free practice sessions did not really reveal the real levels of competitive teams. Red Bull this morning was the fastest team, this afternoon it was McLaren with Mercedes and who was present, while Williams and Renault seem fast enough. There are still many teams that could have a fighting chance for victory, so obviously it will be necessary to make good on Saturday, without error if one wants to go in the first lines. Today we focused mainly on analyzing the behavior of Pirelli tires, which seems slightly different here than in private testing, partly because the track surface here is different. Regarding the strategy, we will need to be very flexible in the race, because at the moment, we do not have enough information on the tires. I am happy with the car At the beginning there was understeer, and we are still far from a sure grip on the front, but it went better than my expectations. We wanted to show we have special thoughts for Japan, the whole team is with them, so we stuck a sticker dedicated to the people of a country that has brought a lot to F1."
Felipe Massa :
"We tested a lot in these two test sessions, we shared the work with Alonso to explore different ways to prepare the rest of the weekend. I expected to make a time a little faster, especially since soft tires are at best only from their fourth rounds. But I really could not improve because there were a few drops of rain to complicate situation. From what we saw , soft tires showed less deterioration than expected, but we must work to see if this will always happen in the race. This track is much easier on the tires like Barcelona for example, we have made so many tests on it. This year it will be essential to study carefully their behavior, circuit by circuit. The difference in performance between the pure and simple e two tires are marked. McLaren and Red Bull seem very strong, but there are other teams who may be on the pace ."

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