Saturday, March 26, 2011

Alonso & Massa Saturday declarations

*Fernando Alonso, 5th: "Obviously, we can not be happy with this result, but we can obviously not make a play right away. We certainly have not taken full advantage of the car and we understand why when you compare what we saw during testing. We ended up here a lot closer to cars that were far away in Spain. Everything went well yesterday and we had a good feeling with the car, while from This morning, the situation has changed, of course it got worse.
Now we'll see what the race unfolds. During the winter testing and during the free practice yesterday, our performance over a long run was good and we were certainly closer to those who seem far today. The fifth on the grid is not too bad and that means I am able to fight for a podium in a race that will be completely open.Just think of what happened last year, with Kubica who started from the sixth or seventh place and finished second. McLaren seems to have made a good step forward, but do not forget Mercedes, who has been impressive in recent Barcelona test."
*Felipe Massa 8th:
"We were less competitive than what we expected, and there's no doubt. Of course, I do not think I was in the fight for pole, especially when you look at the turn faster than [Sebastian] Vettel did, but hoped to be further up the grid. We had problems with both the hard and soft tires, which we had no winter testing. They offer less grip in the first round, or at least they do with our car. Now we must prepare as well as possible for tomorrow's race, where pure speed is not the only thing that matters, work reliability and the team is most important. My head-to-tail Q3? When I left the pit lane, I accelerated and the tires were obviously still too cold. The train was not damaged tires for the race, but it certainly was not a help my lap."

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