Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fernando Alonso's thoughts

Fernando Alonso took part last week in a kart race organized by the main sponsor of Ferrari, the bank Santander. On this occasion he answered to some questions which he discussed of the reliability of the Ferrari for this season and the Pirelli tires he again criticized:
"We only really know where we stand compared to others when we will be in Melbourne. Today, I am happy because we have demonstrated a reliable car. If everything works as planned, we will be among the teams that can fight for the title, alongside defending champions Red Bull , McLaren, Mercedes and Renault also, who had already made great progress at the end of last season. Even Toro Rosso has made significant progress,"
and about the tires:
"From what we've seen so far, degradation is very important. That means we will have races with many stops. I'm not a fan because I think that this heightened uncertainty is not conducive to the top teams: it's like football, it was decided to award a penalty kick by team after each half-hour, Barcelona and Real Madrid not jump for joy. It will be important to be faster because I do not think we can make one less stop than our main opponents."

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  1. Je pense qu'en ce qui concerne la degradation des pneus faut pas trop s'en faire, rappel toi l'an dernier ils avaient tous peurs aussi parce qu'avec les monoplaces plus lourdes ils devaient (en theorie) changer plus souvent les pneus, et finalement on s'est rendu compte que durant la saison les changements de pneus n'etaient pas aussi differents qu'avant (sauf que là ils terminaient vraiment sur la corde parfois).
    Et puis au pire tout le monde sera dans le meme cas !
    j'ai haaaaaate !