Sunday, March 27, 2011

Australian GP : Alonso & Massa quotes

* Fernando Alonso 4th:
"If you just look at the standings, it's not a bad result. Yes, we lost contact with Vettel and Hamilton, although we did better than Webber and Button. Here in the Albert Park, it seems that I am subscribed to fourth place, is the third time in four years that I finished the race in that position. Last year we came here in the wake of our victory in Bahrain which means that the same result was thus a very different feeling.
Once again today, Sebastian seemed to be on another planet, while others were a little closer, not as much as Friday, but at least not as far from each other in qualifying yesterday. Finish behind Petrov again as in Abu Dhabi? That's right, but it is a coincidence and then, at this stage it is more satisfying to have managed to keep me behind Webber, who will be a more serious opponent in the battle for the title of Russia.
The KERS worked well as the adjustable rear wing, although he did not make overtaking easier. At first there was some confusion: I made a good start , but then Button beat me and I had to swerve to avoid a collision. The strategy was good and it helped me gain a few seats. Maybe if I had not solved immediately in traffic, I tried make two stops but given the way things happened, we made the best decision. We are in the right place to win a title, but we certainly do not win it if we continue to finish third or fourth. We must improve, we know, but it is too early to make any predictions."
*Felipe Massa 7th:
"At first, things started off right with a good start and a good defense against attacks from Button. Then we tried to save using hard tires, but it has not paid and we had to make three stops in the end, which cost me some places. In the second part, I have suffered the degradation of the rear tires and I could not keep apace. The new elements, such as the rear wing, worked well as they should have been: we've certainly seen more overtaking than last year."

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