Sunday, April 3, 2011

The paddock podium of Australia

The Australian GP now over it's time to tell who was in and who was out :
-The 5 in :
* Sebastian Vettel:
Vettel has first uses his number 1 by the pole and victory in Australia. Red Bull has shown herself stronger and faster than her opponents , but we'll see if the team will materialize or not at the next GP.
* Lewis Hamilton:
McLaren made a bluff this winter, claiming we should not count on them for the victory in Australia and yet Hamilton has signed the 2nd place in qualifying and racing. Lewis had never been able, during the GP, to be faster than Vettel and beyond as the Albert Park circuit is not really indicative of forces, it will take Malaysia to see truly where is the Mclaren.
* Vitaly Petrov:
the Russian pilote of Lotus-Renault had a solid weekend, starting sixth on the grid and finishing in 3rd place in the race thus giving Russia its first podium in F1! Australia does well at Renault since last year it's Robert Kubica who finished second.
* Fernando Alonso :
although having a weaker ferrari than expected in qualifying and after a poor start, Alonso was caught by finishing 4th with only 1.5 seconds late than Petrov and with making one more stop than his competitors. He gave us a great duel with Webber and managed to finish ahead of Webber and Button that same winning valuable points that will surely help for more. But Ferrari needs to improve and do better in Malaysia to move closer to Red Bull.
* Sauber:
even if the team has been disqualified after the race due to a non-conforming rear wing, both Sauber drivers have made a strong race by demonstrating strong abilities including rookie Sergio Perez who did only one stop for this GP !

-the 4 out:
* Mercedes:
we knew they were slower than the leaders but we thought they had improved their car at the last free practice . Well it is not! after a poor qualifying and an anonymous race for both drivers , Mercedes resumes from Melbourne with no point. For Mercedes it will correct this and fast !
* Webber - Button - Massa: they are teammates with 3 world champions but none has really shined this weekend. Webber finished fifth far from Vettel and unable to overtake Alonso, Button finished sixth and saw his race ruined by a penalty for overtaking Massa outside the limits of the track and Massa, despite a good start to the race with a good start and a great duel with Button, has been in trouble with his tires.
* Heidfeld :
Nick had a bad race marred by poor qualies . Big downside for him especially if we see that his teammate, though less experienced than him has finished on the podium.
* HRT:
though HRT did not participate to the race because of the 107% rule it was still hoped that the small Spanish team will run this weekend . But everything went wrong ! let's hope this bad start of season will give them a boost for the second race in Malaysia !

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