Thursday, April 14, 2011

The news of Thursday

* Organizers of the Bahrain GP always looking to find a new date for organizing their GP now that peace has returned to the country. As a reminder they have until May 1 to communicate a new date to the FIA.
* The circuit, located in Austin, Texas, to house the future GP of the United States in 2012 has been called the "circuit of the Americas."
* The 3 leaders of Ferrari Stefano Domenicali, Pat Fry and Aldo Costa took a trip to Maranello of 48 hours to examine why the wind tunnel results are not the same as on the track and also to bring with them new parts for the GP of China. Besides Ferrari will have for this GP a new front wing and new aero pieces . More Aldo Costa said that Ferrari is working on a flexible front wing like the Red Bull one that will be implemented soon.

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